Tropak Ukrainian Dance Theatre

Tropak Ukrainian Dance Theatre

Ukrainian DancersIn 1994, an exciting event of historical significance took place in British Columbia’s dance community when two of Vancouver’s foremost Ukrainian dance companies, the Cheremshyna Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and the Luna Ukrainian Ensemble joined forces to create Tropak Ukrainian Dance Theatre.

Today, Tropak is a vibrant, exciting adult company which brings together dancers dedicated to the purpose of cultivating Ukrainian dance as Canadian art form. Tropak (which takes its name after an ancient Ukrainian dance) has performed at numerous public, private and industrial events throughout Western Canada, the Pacific Northwest and California.

In 1996, Tropak created its first full-length production, Dancing The Dream, which has been presented in venues in B.C. and the United States. The group has also headlined a number of the most prestigious Ukrainian festivals in North America and has consistently won rave reviews for its high artistic standards, dynamic performance style and attention to costuming and music.

Tropak Ukrainian Dance Theatre is the resident dance company of the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko. The Dance Theatre welcomes male and female dancers, aged 16 yrs or older to join the performing group. No previous Ukrainian dance experience required.

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