World Embroidery Day –  May 19th

On May, 19th, 2022, Ukrainians worldwide will celebrate World Embroidery Day.  You may be interested in attending a  “Walk In Embroidered Shirts” taking place Thursday, May 19th at 6:30 pm at the Vancouver Art Gallery.  Click “more” below for more information.

Vyshyvanka, or Ukrainian embroidered shirt, is the spiritual armour of Ukrainians.
Traditionally, it was a bright artistic holiday that united Ukrainians and reminded them of the great historical heritage of the Ukrainian people.

But today, Ukraine protects not only physical borders but also spiritual and cultural ones. The embroidered shirt is the spiritual armour of Ukrainians. The embroidered shirt was and will symbolize our identity, faith, hope, love, struggle, and most importantly, victory.

That is why the Ukrainian diaspora in Vancouver plans to hold a “Walk in embroidered
shirts” to remind once again how Ukraine is struggling now and how it needs support from the world.