A wonderful visit with Ukrainian students in June

For more details about the Ukrainian student visit this past June, please see our Summer Newsletter 2017.

The “OUTSTANDING CANADIAN UKRAINIAN” contest was recently organized by the Open World Learning Society (O.W.L), a member of UCC of British Columbia.  This contest was an opportunity for Ukrainian youth to recognize “OUTSTANDING CANADIAN UKRAINIANS” on the occasion of the 125th anniversary of the first Ukrainian settlements in Canada and 150th Anniversary of Canada. More than 500 Ukrainian-Canadian legacy multimedia stories were created by Ukrainian youth from different parts of Ukraine and are available on the O.W.L. society website.  This contest brought to light incredible stories of the outstanding members of the Ukrainian diaspora in Canada that has inspired many.

12 contest finalists were awarded a trip to Canada with a stop in Vancouver in June to learn English, gain volunteer experience  and leadership skills, to become familiar with the multicultural Canadian society and Ukrainian diaspora in Canada, and to celebrate Canada’s 150th birthday. Among them are children of the Heavenly Hundred, fallen ATO heroes, refugees, and orphans. Their short profiles in English are available on the O.W.L. website.