Youth Scholarships

Youth Scholarships

For many years, the Ukrainian Society of Ivan Franko has offered scholarships to our young, aspiring graduates.  Scholarship applications are available in March of each year with selections taking place in June.  Application forms are mailed to all Senior Secondary Schools in Richmond and posted on our website.

We offer Post-Secondary and Cultural scholarships.  We require each applicant to complete the scholarship application, attach a transcript of grades, two letters of reference (one from the school, the other from a person within the Ukrainian community) and an essay to describe why one deserves the scholarship.


2018 Scholarship Winners

In 2018, the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko was proud to support four scholarship winners. They are as follows (from left to right in photo below):

Nicole Vavrukh, Madeleine Knight, Madison Kaminski, and Ashli Forbes.

Scholarship recipients 2018





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