Saturday Food Sales

** Please bring your own carry bag for your order. **

Saturday Food Sales

Traditional Ukrainian food is available for purchase every Saturday from 10am – 2pm at The Ukrainian Centre.

Pyrohy (perogies), kobassa, and borcht are available.

Saturday Food Sales Items and Prices

  • Perogies:
    •  Potato and Cheddar $7.00 per dozen
    • Saurkraut $8.00 per dozen
  • Cabbage Rolls:
    • Rice and Bacon $10.00 per dozen
    • Ground Beef and Rice $20.00 per dozen, $10.00 per half dozen
    • Vegetarian $10.00 per dozen
  • Borscht:  $5.00 for 500 ml
  • “New” Ukrainian Sausage:  $9.00 per ring

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