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Next Friday Night Supper is October 16 – TAKE OUT ONLY

During continued Covid-19 restrictions, we are pleased to be able to offer a TAKE OUT AND CASH ONLY service for our upcoming Friday Night Supper on October 16 from 4:00-6:30pm


Chef’s Choice:
Stuffed Chicken Breast with ham and cheese

Adult Portion:

  • SUPER SUPPER – $17.00 (10 perogies, 3 cabbage rolls, sausage & chef’s choice)           
  • REGULAR SUPPER WITH SAUSAGE – $11.00  (5 perogies, 2 cabbage rolls & sausage)
  • REGULAR SUPPER WITH CHEF’S CHOICE – $11.00 (5 perogies, 2 cabbage rolls & chef’s choice)
  • PEROGY DINNER$10.00 (12 perogies )  
  • CABBAGE ROLL DINNER – $11.00 (1 dozen)

Mini Dinner:

  • REGULAR SUPPER WITH SAUSAGE – $7.00 (4 perogies, 1 cabbage roll & 1/2 sausage)
  • REGULAR SUPPER WITH CHEF’S CHOICE – $7.00 (4 perogies, 1 cabbage roll & 1/2 chef’s choice)

Additional Items:

  • SOUP – $4.00 Borscht                                       
  • DESSERT$3.00 Lemon Meringue Pie

Congratulations to our 2020 Scholarship Recipients

For many years, the Ukrainian Society of Ivan Franko, offers scholarships to our young, aspiring graduates. Scholarship applications are available in March of each year.  Application forms are available on our website.

We offer Post-Secondary and Cultural scholarships. We require each applicant to complete the scholarship application, attach a transcript of grades, two letters of reference (one from the school, the other from a person within the Ukrainian community) and an essay to describe why one deserves the scholarship.

This year, the Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko is proud to support four scholarship winners. They are as follows: Natalia Lupynis, Sasha Jatskevich, Lucie Warrington and Jaden Cherry  All the best to our four recipients as they begin their post secondary studies.

We Now Offer Take Out!

We have the following prepared items for your enjoyment:

  • Rice & Bacon Cabbage Rolls – Hot or Uncooked
    • 1 large roaster (13 dozen)  $160.00
    • 1 Med. roaster (8 dozen)    $100.00
  • Perogies – Hot (potatoes and cheddar cheese)
    • Minimum 5  dozen @ $8.00 per dozen
  • Sauerkraut & Sausage 
    • Includes 4 rings of  sausage & sauerkraut
    • In a medium roaster  $60

ORDERS MUST BE RECEIVED AT LEAST ONE WEEK IN ADVANCE OF PICK UP DAY. If you are interested in placing an order, you can contact us in one of two ways:

1. Leave a message at 604 274-4119 with your order and when you need the order. Someone will call back to confirm your order.

2. Email us at with your order, phone number and when you need the order. Someone will email or call back back to confirm your order.