Malanka (Ukrainian New Year’s Eve) is traditionally celebrated on January 13th.  It is rich in ancient ritual, folklore and magic. The ancestors of Ukrainians believed that on New Year’s Eve, good and evil spirits descended on the earth. In order to ward off the evil forces and ensure a bountiful new year, the night was spent in dancing, partaking of a lavish and ritualistic meal, fortune telling, courting, casting of spells and singing carols of well wishes called Shchedrivky.

We may not believe in the old myths, or carry on ancient traditions, but what better way to bring in a new year than to celebrate with excellent food, exceptional entertainment in the company of close friends and legendary Ukrainian hospitality.

Malanka 2018 was held on Saturday, January 13th, 2018. An update will be posted soon!


Once again, we were entertained by the Ukrainian Prairie Band playing a selection of Ukrainian music before dinner and back by popular demand, the S-Bahn played a variety of music that we danced to until the wee hours of the night.
All those present,Malanka 2017_6 thoroughly enjoyed a lively 20 minute program performed by Tropak Ukrainian Dance Ensemble and by Dovbush Ukrainian Dancers of Vancouver).
Many thanks to the organizing committee of Fran Zukewich, George Brandak, Karen Wideski and Theresa Herchak AND to the many individuals who helped make this event a success.
The Ukrainian Community Society of Ivan Franko wishes everyone a very Happy New Year!!


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