Ukrainian Film Series from Feb 1-22

“Witnessing Change: Ukrainian Cinema in a Time of Turmoil” is a Ukrainian film series showing at The Cinematheque in Vancouver (1131 Howe St) from February 1 – 22. It provides an overview of the evolution of Ukrainian cinema from its earliest incarnations to recent works of note. The innovative techniques and perspectives found in the work of pioneering directors such as Oleksandr Dovzhenko, Dziga Vertov, Kira Muratova, Larisa Shepitko, and Sergei Loznitsa helped define Ukrainian cinema, just as they impacted cinema globally. Emerging talents, such as Antonio Lukich, Roman Blazhan, Nariman Aliev, and Roman Bondarchuk, continue these pathbreaking traditions.

For more information, click the link:  Ukrainian Film Series in Vancouver.