Ukrainian Migration Resources

The Government of Canada and the Province of B.C. have organized support for those affected by the Russian invasion of Ukraine. The Government of Canada’s response includes special programs to help Ukrainian nationals and their family members find safety in Canada. For curated information and resources to support organizations and individuals who wish to help Ukrainian citizens arriving to B.C. and helpful information for Displaced Ukrainians, check out AMSSA – Strengthening Diversity in B.C.  ‘Ukrainian Migration Resources’ webpage. 

Welcoming People Fleeing Ukraine

“How can we help Ukrainians coming to Vancouver?” There are many ways that individuals and groups can help – from offering temporary accommodation, donating household items, offering English lessons, free childcare, immigration and translation services, job opportunities, etc. Click on “more” below to find out how you can help.


How to donate to support Ukraine

For two ways to donate to help support efforts to end this war, please below to read more.

1. Ukraine Humanitarian Appeal 

The Ukraine Humanitarian Relief Committee has been established jointly by the Ukrainian Canadian Congress and the Canada Ukraine Foundation to formalize a coordinated approach to providing humanitarian assistance quickly and efficiently to those in need in Ukraine to address any further aggression by Russia. The main efforts of cooperation are to provide humanitarian assistance/relief in the areas of assistance to displaced persons, medical care, emergency shelter, and food security. Your donation is needed to help support this important community project! Donations in support of humanitarian relief can be made through:  For further information:

2. Friends Of Ukraine Defence Forces Fund
The FUDF Fund, organized by the League of Ukrainian Canadians and the League of Ukrainian Canadian Women, has supported the servicemen and women of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. FUDF Fund has raised over $3,000,000 and provided defensive body armor, medical supplies, hygiene products, and other humanitarian assistance necessities. The following link will provide more information about donating:

Holodomor: The Ukrainian Genocide, 1932 – 1933, 2nd edition now available

The Ukrainian Research Institute of the League of Ukrainian Canadians is pleased to announce the publication of the Second Edition of HOLODOMOR: The Ukrainian Genocide, 1932 – 1933.  The second edition has been updated and vastly expanded with new data, documents, and analyses covering such issues as historical and political contexts of the Ukrainian famine and the impact of the genocide. 

For additional information and to place an order, please contact the Ukrainian Research Institute at 416-516-8223.  The cost of the book is $65 CDN.

Ukrainian TV Network – Showtimes for BC

Ukrainian Kontakt TV shows are shown as follows on OMNI TV:

Weekly Broadcasts of KONTAKT in BC 

  • SUN 7:00 AM (new)
  • SUN 9:00 pm
  • TUE 9:00 am
  • THUR 2:00 pm

KONTAKT NEXT GEN – youth show

  • SUN 6:30 pm (new)
  • WED 8:30 am, 2:00 pm, 3:30 pm